The New Old-Fashioned Way

Taste the High- Quality Difference at Deliteful Dairy

Nestled in scenic Washington County, MD on the outskirts of Williamsport, you’ll find the seventh generational farm that is the heart behind Deliteful Dairy.

Deliteful Dairy offers high-quality, grass fed dairy products available on site and in local markets all over the four-state area. 

When you choose a Deliteful Dairy product, you are choosing a product that has been handcrafted with care and intentionality from the very start.  From our happy, healthy grass-fed cows, to our processing room, we know you’ll enjoy our ‘new old-fashioned’ approach to dairy.

Contact Deliteful Dairy today at (301) 223-0032 for more information on our products, services, and more:

Deliteful Dairy provides high-quality dairy products in Williamsport, MD.

What Makes Our Milk So Different

We hope that when you open a bottle of Deliteful Dairy Milk, the difference in quality is first thing you notice. Our milk doesn’t leave the farm until it goes home with you. Our cows are pasture raised, grass fed and fed a non-GMO grain during milking, which happens twice a day. Once our milk heads to the processing room it’s slow vat pasteurized, a pasteurization process that is much gentler. On top of our different approach to pasteurization, we do not homogenize our milks, meaning you’ll see that beautiful cream cap form on the top of our whole milks. Due to the differences in our processing, our milks are highly digestible, even to lactose sensitive stomachs.

High Quality
Dairy Products