Events and Catering Serving Hagerstown, MD, and Surrounding Areas

Deliteful Dairy Holds Many Fun, Exciting Events at Our Farm

Deliteful Dairy offers fun and exciting events and catering serving Hagerstown, MD, and surrounding areas. We invite all members of the public to our open houses, wine tastings, and other fun events. Entrance fees may apply for some of the events.

Contact us today at (301) 223-0032 to either schedule your event or find out more about our events. You can also follow us on Facebook for all of our latest updates.

Visit Us Today for A Farm Tour

One of our favorite events here on the Deliteful Dairy farm is giving tours to the public. We take great pride in our farm, our process, and the effort we put into each product. We believe that there should never be any secrets between consumers and suppliers, so we invite you to come by today and tour our operation. All of our products are non-GMO and begin with our 60 happy cows. When you buy the products from Deliteful Dairy, you only get the fresh dairy taste, with no chemicals.

Slow-vat pasteurization is the “new, old-fashioned” way to make the milk you drink cleaner, safer, and more delicious. Because this process is less-used as it is more complex, seeing it in action for yourself may be quite a thrill. It is a fascinating, fun process, and we believe that you and your family will enjoy it, too.

Our Team Offers Catering for Nearly Any Function

From weddings, to birthdays, to corporate functions and holiday parties, Deliteful Dairy’s catering service can make any event a success. We work with you to determine a menu, and recommend a linen and flatware rental service. Our staff can even assist with set-up and tear-down before and after your event. All this, puts Deliteful Dairy among the best caterers throughout the region.

Delicious Cheese and Wine Tastings

We also often host wine tastings to show off just how wonderful our artisan cheeses go with wines. Cheese complements the notes of most wines well and will enhance your entire tasting experience. Our wine and cheese nights are a huge hit at our farm, so please come by and enjoy a fun night with us.

Contact Deliteful Dairy, for more information about our particular events and catering for Hagerstown, MD, and surrounding areas.