Our Products at the Leesburg Farmers Market

Deliteful Dairy Offers High-Quality Milk, Cheese, and Other Products

You can purchase our products at the Leesburg Farmers Market in addition to our store and other retail locations. Deliteful Dairy is proud to provide high-quality craft milk, artisan cheese, and other products in Leesburg, VA. By visiting the Leesburg Farmers Market, you can find delicious varieties of our dairy products.

One time-saving option is to preorder our delicious products. Call ahead to have them ready to go. The farmers market does offer different price levels. On Saturday mornings, the Leesburg Farmers Market opens at 8 a.m. and runs through noon. Please visit us there.

For more information, contact us today at (301) 223-0032 to fulfill any of your dairy needs.

We Bring Powerful, Delicious Flavor to Our Craft Milk

Another unique aspect of our craft milk is the variety of flavors that we can create. Milk does not have to be just “plain” anymore. At Deliteful Dairy, we have classic whole milk, chocolate, strawberry, and skim at the Leesburg Farmers Market. Come by this Saturday to see what we have to offer at special prices and in a fun environment. The Leesburg Farmers Market is the perfect way to meet us without visiting the farm.

Try Our Cheese; We Aim To Please at the Farmers Market in Leesburg, VA

We try to remain humble, but it is hard to not take pride in Deliteful Dairy’s cheese options.  They are truly delicious, and we believe that we offer the best cheese in Maryland! Treat your taste buds to the delicious flavor of our hard and soft cheeses, straight from our 60 happy cows. You will be so glad that you did. People at the Leesburg Farmers Market love our variety of artisan cheeses. Cheddar, jack, pepper jack, baby Swiss, feta, and Fromage are some of the Deliteful Dairy artisan cheeses that you will encounter.

The Smoothest Butter at the Leesburg Farmers Market

When you visit Deliteful Dairy at the Leesburg Farmers Market, we will introduce you to a new world of butter. Whatever the need, we have salted and unsalted butter available to make your meal complete. Our grass-fed, non-GMO, farm-fresh milk goes into the process to bring you the freshest butter in the area. Our butter is perfect for adding that amazing flavor to any number of foods. Come to the Leesburg Farmers Market this Saturday to experience our butter.

Deliteful Dairy is proud to distribute our products at the Leesburg Farmers Market.