Artisan Cheese in Washington County, MD

Visit Our Cheesery at Deliteful Dairy to Enjoy Fine Artisan Cheese

Deliteful Dairy produces quality milk and artisan cheese in Washington County, MD. Our slow-vat pasteurized, non-homogenized milk products are sure to satisfy you and your family. We provide unique, delicious options to your usual dairy products. 

Here, you will find a wide variety of delicious cheese we produce on site:


Cheddar Cheese Curds

“Drunken Crab” Cheddar


Pepper Jack

Baby Swiss



Provolone Style

Parmesan Style

Deliteful Dairy offers quality direct to you in our Cheesery, at the Leesburg Farmers Market, and at area retail locations. Call (301) 223-0032 or contact us online for more information on wholesale ordering and more. You can schedule retail cheese deliveries in the area through DoorDash.

When our team here at Deliteful Dairy developed our process for producing cheese, we wanted to provide you with the freshest options. We came to the conclusion that, for your milk, cheese, and butter to be fresh and delicious, we needed our cows to be remarkable. We treat and feed our cows just like they are a part of our happy family. Each cow on our farm is well cared for, and this care makes the dairy products on your table uniquely special. Too many farms cut corners in order to quickly produce more products. This is not the case with your friends at Deliteful Dairy in Williamsport, MD. Quality always takes priority over quantity here.

Our Cheesery Caters to Your Satisfaction at Deliteful Dairy

We invite you to explore our cheesery at Deliteful Dairy today. Experience our handmade, artisanal cheese. Try cheese topped with various, meats, fruits and veggies to assemble an impressive charcuterie. Add optimal baked goods from our in-house bakery, and Deliteful Dairy can cater to any palate.

We always have something fun and exciting going on at Deliteful Dairy. Our on-location cheesery offers gourmet paninis, homemade soups, fresh eggs, and soft-serve ice cream. While you stop for cheese, shop our fresh butter, and slow-vat pasteurized milk, and homemade cheesecake from our bakery case. Our bakery also offers various cookies, cupcakes and baked goods to satisfy every sweet tooth.

We provide tours of our dairy farm and processing plant, so our customers see how we make all of our products. We also hold many events and entertainment, such as fall festivals, farm tours, and open houses. Our wine festivals are also popular, pairing wine with our fine artisan cheeses. If you require a patio for a shower or large gathering, we also rent our location. With a wide variety of special events and services at our farm, we invite our customers to meet our family.

Deliteful Dairy’s Cheesery offers delicious, savory artisan cheese in Williamsport, MD.