Our Legacy

Deliteful Dairy: The New Old-Fashioned Way

“Back in 1831, the Long family settled on a large piece of property in Williamsport, MD, just north of Downsville. Today, my wife, Katie, and I represent the seventh generation to operate the 160-acre parcel that is now known as Long Delite Farm.

“I was born and raised on the farm, working alongside my father, Galen, and my grandfather, Lawrence. After graduating from Williamsport High School in 2001, I worked full-time for my father as we continued to operate the farm. We made the decision to transition to a rotational grazing operation in 2002 to better utilize our facilities and very rocky ground.”

Meeting Katie and Starting Our Family

“In 2004, I married Katie, who was born and raised on a dairy farm in Smithsburg, MD. We formed a strong friendship in our younger days by showing cows together in 4-H, and grew into a marriage after Katie graduated from Wilson College. We added a son, Kaleb, to the family in 2006, and a daughter, Brielle, in 2007.

“Katie and I purchased the cows and equipment side of the operation from my father in 2009 and were able to purchase the 160-acre property from my grandparents around the time of their death in 2016. We have continued to operate the farm as it has been for several decades, milking around 60 cows and selling all of our milk to Maryland & Virginia Milk Producers Cooperative, of which we have been a member for more than 50 years.”

Becoming the Change We Wanted in the Dairy Industry

“As the world dairy market price fluctuated and started to transition away from small, family- sized operations, we found ourselves at a crossroads for our farm. With the idea of expanding to a large operation not even a possibility, we began to explore the direct marketing world. We have been very underwhelmed with the quality of the dairy products being offered in the store to you, the consumer. The industry has become more focused on efficiency rather than quality, and the overall taste and nutrition of the product has suffered.

“With those things in mind, we began our plans for Deliteful Dairy in 2016! We are bringing back the old-school, non-homogenized milk from years ago, which is slow vat pasteurized for minimal flavor distortion. We make rich whole-milk cheeses and amazing butter. All products are made from our milk from our cows that graze this 160 acres of family history. You will also find our own beef, pork, and eggs from right here on our farm. We are truly doing things the ‘new old-fashioned way!’ We hope you love our products as much as we love making them for you!”

Contact us today at (301) 223-0032 or order our products online to become a part of our happy family and our legacy.