Fresh Milk, Butter, Ice Cream, Eggs, and Cheese

Deliteful Dairy's Products are Always the Highest Quality

When you are looking for farm fresh milk, butter, ice cream, eggs, and cheese products, rely on Deliteful Dairy. Our team here at Deliteful Dairy wants you to learn more about our farm in Williamsport, MD. Our story is one about family and hard work. We strive for only the highest quality products, and we only sell those dairy products that we would serve at our table. We emphasize the importance of family here at Deliteful Dairy where we are a big, happy family, from our humans to our cows.

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The Pride and Joy of Deliteful Dairy: Our Milk

Deliteful Dairy provides craft milk in Williamsport, MD, and the surrounding areas. We also have everything available to order in our store. Please browse and experience our fantastic milk options. Our craft milk is slow-vat pasteurized and non-GMO, with nothing added but delicious seasonal flavors.

There is nothing quite like a fresh glass of milk with your breakfast, lunch, or even dinner. “Fresh” is the keyword here, and Deliteful Dairy is proud to provide our fresh milk products. Our non-GMO, grass-fed cows and the slow-vat process produces the highest quality milk in the area. Milk tastes fantastic, whether you add it to a delicious recipe, cereal, or just drink a tall, cold glass of it. We invite you to taste the difference that our crafted process makes for you.

Craft Milk Available in Seasonal Flavors

Another unique aspect of our craft milk is the variety of flavors that we can create. Milk does not have to be “plain” anymore with Deliteful Dairy. Because we make everything here on our farm, we can flavor our farm-fresh craft milk any way we choose.

What does this mean for you? It means a wide variety of flavors to try and enjoy, of course. Go beyond classic whole milk when you choose from chocolate, strawberry, and seasonal flavors like peppermint and more. Purchase delicious fresh milk products from Deliteful Dairy today.

Experience Our Delicious Fresh Butter in and Around Williamsport, MD

Deliteful Dairy provides high-quality, delicious fresh butter to Williamsport, MD, and the surrounding areas. When you visit our family-owned and operated farm at Deliteful Dairy, let us introduce you to a new, amazing world of butter. Our grass-fed, non-GMO, farm-fresh milk goes into our process to bring the freshest butter in the area to your table.

Our fresh butter is perfect for adding a creamy essence and flavor to any number of foods. Perhaps you want to bake some cookies and need butter for the recipe. Whatever the case, we have salted and unsalted butter available to make your meal complete.

Spread the Love with our Delicious Butter

Our butter is not only for recipes; we also enjoy them as a spread. Nothing hits the spot in the morning like warm biscuits covered with our butter. You can delight your taste buds with cinnamon butter, far beyond restaurant quality, for your dinner rolls.

From baking to something as simple as a grilled cheese sandwich, our butter will make that dish divine. Who does not love a fresh slice of warm bread with butter on it when they have a pasta dish? You cannot go wrong with any delicious butter option from Deliteful Dairy. Browse our fresh butter options in our store today and enjoy.

Fresh Ice Cream from Deliteful Dairy is a “Deliteful” Treat Anytime

Deliteful Dairy appeals to your reward center with our fresh ice cream. Keep a supply in your freezer for a ‘deliteful’ treat anytime. Choose from among our distinctive flavors of fresh ice cream throughout the year. Perfect for parties, desserts, or any time you want to reward yourself with cool and creamy sweetness. Discover your favorite ice cream from the selection in our store today!

Farm-Fresh Eggs Available from Deliteful Dairy Add the Right Touch

Fresh eggs are a staple in kitchens everywhere. Deliteful Dairy is proud to be the Williamsport, MD source for quality, farm-fresh eggs. Many consider eggs to be the ‘perfect food,’ because they are so versatile. They are a source of complete protein to use in recipes for breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

As a family-run dairy, we treat every animal with love and care. We feed them only the highest quality feed to keep them healthy and happy. The end result to this dedication is the quality products we offer to our customers. Shop for fresh eggs from our store today and make them a part of your next meal.

High-Quality Milk Makes Our Cheese the Best

When our team here at Deliteful Dairy developed our signature cheeses, we wanted to provide you with the freshest options. We came to the conclusion that, for your milk, cheese, and butter to be fresh and delicious, we needed our cows to be remarkable. We treat and feed our cows just like they are a part of our happy family. Each cow on our farm is well cared for, and this care makes the dairy products on your table uniquely special. Too many farms cut corners in order to quickly produce more products. This is not the case with your friends at Deliteful Dairy in Williamsport, MD. Quality always takes priority over quantity here.

Make Your Table Complete with Fresh Cheese from Deliteful Dairy

It takes high-quality milk to create delicious fresh cheese. Deliteful Dairy’s delicious artisan cheeses begin with our milk and result in cheesy goodness. Like our fresh eggs, our cheese is a great addition to any meal or as a snack throughout the day. Choose from Provolone- and Parmesan-style cheeses, including our locally famous “Drunken Crab” Cheddar. Shop our full selection of flavorful fresh cheese in our Cheesery.

Delivery Available Through DoorDash

Products from Deliteful Dairy are sure to please; shop today for milk, butter, ice cream, eggs, and cheese.